Lead Management Strategy & Optimization

Lead Management Strategy & Optimization

Lead Management Strategy & Optimization Lead Management Strategy & Optimization Lead Management Strategy & Optimization

  Refine Your CRM Strategy and Optimize Workflow to Save Time and Money!

Scott D. Payne

Welcome to SDP Solutions, LLC

SDP Solutions was born from the realization that many companies have a great sales philosophy, but waste precious time and money by managing their sales leads inefficiently. I am passionate about improving conversion rates and maximizing return on investment by eliminating wasted opportunities usually caused by an organization’s lead management systems not firing on all cylinders. Whether you’re a large company looking to scale up your lead management strategy or a smaller business just realizing the need for a system, SDP Solutions can help.

Our Services

Business Assessments


  Business Assessments are designed to help you discover where your lead management gaps and pain points are and to determine a plan of action to relieve or remove them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. I will consult with you on lead management best practices, lead you through a series of discovery sessions to gather system requirements, and help determine the overall health of your CRM system functionality.

Next I will conduct a Customer Experience Screening of your current CRM system to ensure that a baseline is set at the beginning of an engagement. I call this a Secret Shop – a peek behind the curtain to get a real-life glimpse into the current strategy that you have in place. After proposed changes are made through the assessment, I complete a second Customer Experience Screening to ensure new strategies and functionality are working as expected.  

Business Assessments are typically done onsite with clients so I can meet with leadership in-person while sitting with users of the system to get a better feel for company culture and how systems are used on all levels.

Optimization & Implementation


  Optimization & Implementation engagements are usually the next step after a Business Assessment but can be done without a completed assessment by SDP Solutions.  

After recommendations from an assessment are accepted, the next step is conducting the solutions design of your CRM's new functional processes. I will assist in the design phase by providing a detailed Design Plan that will be approved by you before we begin making changes.  

I will then assist with configuration of the defined changes within your CRM instance and test newly added elements to ensure proper functionality. Lastly, I will prepare your company for the launch of your new strategy. This includes training administrators, users and future trainers.

Staff Augmentation


  If you've run into a situation where you've lost a CRM Administrator or need a resource for a special CRM project, I can step in to help. I have years of experience as a CRM Administrator, and you can read about my work experience in the About section of this website. 

Some examples of potential use of this temporary or project-based service are:

1. Filling in for an administrator who has left the company or has taken a leave

2. Training a newly hired administrator

3. Implementing a new contact strategy or distribution programs for a new sales initiative 

Engagements are billed on a per-hour basis and there is no monthly or annual commitment required.


Nick Hedges, CEO, MomentFeed (former CEO @ Velocify)


 Scott and I worked together for many years while I was the CEO of Velocify. First as one of our largest clients and then when we saw the depth of Scott's insight into lead management and modern sales we recruited him to work for us.   Scott was a game changer for Velocify. He understands the domain exceptionally well and is extraordinarily thoughtful, intelligent and data-driven about how he approaches client engagements. The results that Scott achieved for Velocify clients surprised even me and I was/am the biggest believer in the Velocify platform out there by definition. In addition Scott is a great human being and a joy to work with. 

Mike Eshelman, Director of Consumer Finance, Jornaya


 Scott is an amazing talent. I was fortunate enough to have him as my Velocify Account Manager and quickly found that he had a wealth of knowledge in lead management strategies resulting in hours of brainstorming sessions to improve my usage of the platform. Scott was able to uncover the reason why my lead to contact attempt wasn't as fast as it should be (quick fix), we formulated a detailed call prioritization strategy, built a variety of custom reports to track the all around health of my lead management program. There was rarely a time when he said something couldn't be done, it was typically a matter of just knowing the system and how to piece them together.   Scott is one of the unique talents that has experience on both sides of the business. He not only has been the administrator of the Velocify platform for a large lender, but he worked there as well and knows the system inside and out. I highly recommend working with Scott if you have the opportunity. Your business will see immediate results with his help. 

Josh Evans, CRO, VTS, Inc.(former SVP Sales @ Velocify)


 Besides the fact that Scott is literally one of the best people on the planet, he is an amazing business partner. As a client he worked to make our biggest client our best users of the product and got amazing results. So much so, we created a role for him to help all of our biggest clients. He took his knowledge along with his way of thinking and his way of working and multiplied the results. Which naturally made everyone else on his team better and all of our clients had better results. So much so, he is in demand to help new companies help their teams help their clients get better results. Scott's great to work with and his track record speaks for itself. If you have a team that has an opportunity to have more better customer conversations, Scott will help you make it happen.  

Edward Fu, Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Mucker Capital (Former CMO at ZipRecruiter)


 Scott is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful experts in the mortgage space. His understanding of this industry is really unparalleled. What makes Scott special isn't just that he understands the product/solutions of all the players well, he understands how the entire industry works at a macro level (how it is shifting and evolving, who's in the right position to win). This combination of understanding both the macro and micro aspects of the mortgage industry is ultimately what I think what makes Scott a super valuable/strategic addition to any team. He has the ability to step in and sell, create real solutions for customers, understand what needs to be built, and plan for the future. This is a rare combination usually often only found in CEOs but Scott possesses it and really is a secret weapon to whatever organization he joins.  

Michael Peronto, Director of Lead Marketing, Cardinal Financial


 I have known Scott Payne for over 10 years, and let me tell you his effort and diligence to get things done is second to none. He will not only get any project completed in a timely matter, but will always exceed your expectations. I saw this first hand working with him at Velocify providing consultation services to Enterprise level clients.   In regards to lead management and best practices, you will not find a better and more knowledgeable consultant then Scott. He has deep knowledge of Velocify, lead management best practices, and brings knowledge from his past experiences to help you implement the right solution. Anybody who ends up working with Scott Payne and his team should consider themselves lucky to have such a great asset at their disposal.  

Anthony Cummuta, Director, Platinum Home Mortgage


 Scott Payne is our single best asset in lead and sales automation.  In 2011, I began building a nationwide, online division. With the help and guidance of Scott Payne, I was able to create a vision even bigger than I could have ever imagined. It went on to flourish into hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate closed.  Along my journey, I have managed teams of all different shapes & sizes. Scott has been there to help me succeed every step of the way. Scott delivers on both: big solutions and small solutions.  Scott Payne also combines his talents and automation skills to generate solutions in industries that still surprise me! Scott Payne will always be a part of future builds. His game changing abilities are unmatched. 

Jeffrey McCabe


 I have had the privilege to work with Scott on Velocify deployments at both SunTrust and USAA. Scott’s mortgage and technology knowledge was outstanding, and because he was a past user and leader in the mortgage space, a true and trusted SME on deployment and strategy. He became a trusted part of the team and just a pleasure to partner with. I would highly endorse and recommend him.  

Chad Samuelson, Director of Student Recruitment, ECPI University


 Scott is a client and results focused. He maintains excellent communication and goes overboard for his clients to ensure their satisfaction. Scott follows up post project to ensure satisfaction and conducts monthly customer satisfaction calls. 

Brett McCracken, Principal Consultant, McCracken and Associates Worldwide


Scott is one of the best in the country. I've called him many times over the years for his thoughts and expertise on a range of matters.He's always provided valuable counsel and insight to complex challenges. I think his consulting work across numerous companies gives him a unique perspective on creative problem solving. 

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