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Ellie Mae Experience 2020

 Session: Keeping a Customer for Life

Acquiring a new customer in the mortgage industry is anywhere from 12-25 times more expensive than retaining one. With mortgage servicing recapture rates lower than they’ve been in years, now is the time to put the right technology in place to retain every possible customer. Join Scott Payne, CEO of SDP Solutions, as he examines the latest techniques for maximizing customer retention and customer recapture rates. He’ll also be joined by Ellie Mae customers who will share their current strategies and success stories. After this session, you will walk away with actionable next steps for auditing your systems and processes to ensure you’re creating customers for life!


LeadsCon 2020

 Session: Maximizing Mortgage Lead Gen to Maintain Margins and Profitability

Generating leads in the lending space has been stressed in the past 18 months, and finding open space in the market has been tough, but there is still opportunity and a reason to invest in this market. Join us as lenders and mortgage experts share what’s working and how they are managing lead costs, as well as where lead aggregators are finding cost-effective sources and where new partnerships between realtors and lenders in vertical integration are taking the industry. 

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Lead Generation World 2020

 Session: Lead Management 2.0 – Rewiring your process around the Modern Salesperson

As more and more millennial’s enter the sales world and experienced, mature sales people start adapting to new technology, you must rethink how your existing process works for the “Modern” salesperson.  The days of a salesperson “dialing for dollars” are LONG gone.  In this session, you’ll learn about tactical strategies that will allow you to rethink and rewire your sales process to be better positioned for how a salesperson works in the modern world.


Connect to Convert 2019

 Session: Tools to Make Life Easier for Your Sales People

Lead buyers put tremendous effort into generating the right prospects for their businesses, and the effort is both worthwhile and necessary. It is also expensive with leads consuming up to 25% of all costs. However, salespeople are a sneakily larger expense, representing as much as 40% of all costs! Does your business put as much effort into tilting the playing field to your salespeople favor, making it both easier for them and more efficient for you? Join this session and learn how companies are identifying the needs and individual strengths of their salespeople and what they are doing to fill those needs and take advantage of their strengths.